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Bullying complaints not addressed by Royal Mail - manager awarded £230K
Date created: 11/01/2021

After his complaints about discrimination and bullying at Royal Mail were not addressed, a manager was awarded a £230K payment. Both discrimination and bullying contributed to a decline in the claimant’s mental health and subsequent dismissal... read more

After raising concern over driver safety time, researcher is unfairly dismissed
Date created: 21/12/2020

A Christian Charity dismissed a senior employee after he raised health and safety concerns about drive times on work trips. An employment tribunal found him to have been unfairly dismissed... read more

Back pay awarded to agency workers paid less than employees
Date created: 14/12/2020

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council in the West Midlands will award forty agency waste collector workers thousands of pounds in backpay. The workers argued that their pay should have been equal to employees... read more

Discrimination case by former Queen’s student settled for £20,000
Date created: 08/12/2020

After alleging discrimination, a former student from Queen’s University in Belfast was awarded £20,000... read more

During pandemic one fifth of disabled workers had work from home requests refused
Date created: 04/12/2020

A staggering 20% of disabled workers had their requests to work from home declined. This also included requests to be furloughed or redeployed during the pandemic... read more

PhD places less likely to be given to black applicants
Date created: 26/11/2020

Data obtained recently from BBC Newsnight found that black, Asian, and ethnic minority groups were less likely to be offered places to study for their PhD’s than white applicants... read more

Finally, after 200 years, Mary Wollstonecraft honoured with a statue
Date created: 16/11/2020

Mary Wollstonecraft, recognised mother of feminism has finally been commemorated by a sculpture by Maggi Hambling in North London. .. read more

Diversity code launched by FA to increase BAME and female representation
Date created: 04/11/2020

It is now a requirement for football clubs to meet a recruitment diversity target of 15% in all new executive jobs. Additionally, they must meet the 25% target in coaching roles under a code which has been set out by the Football Association... read more

Groping secretary and telling racist jokes – senior solicitor tribunal
Date created: 27/10/2020

A tribunal has found a senior solicitor guilty of racist jokes and sexual harassment as he ran through the offices pretending to be a Ku Klux Klan member. .. read more

Britain’s first black army officer – family say still a ‘long way to go’
Date created: 19/10/2020

A black post-box featuring an image of Second Lieutenant Walter Tull was recently unveiled to mark Black History month in Britain. .. read more