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Remember: Sexual harassment can have male victims as well as female victims
Date created: 07/05/2018

After the recent coverage of the #metoo campaign, it has become all too easy to assume that the victims of sexual harassment are women, and the perpetrators men. .. read more

Employment status action against Amazon delivery firms
Date created: 29/06/2018

An announcement from the British Trade Union GMB has indicated that they will be taking legal action against three Amazon delivery companies. This action is over the classification of drivers as self-employed.. read more

NHS doctor’s gender pay gap – Jeremy Hunt promises to close it
Date created: 06/21/2018

A new review has been launched by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to investigate and then close the 15% gender pay gap of NHS doctors. .. read more

Former Johnson Matthey employees entitled to compensation – Supreme Court rules for employees
Date created: 12/06/2018

After being dismissed for developing a sensitivity to platinum salts, the Supreme Court has rules that three employees of chemical company Johnson Matthey should be compensated... read more

Legal & General’s ‘Girl Fund’ will back firms showing good gender balance
Date created: 06/06/2018

Financial giant Legal & General is the first company in the UK to prioritise its investing powers in companies where women are well represented... read more

Worst gender pay gap in the airline industry – Ryanair named and shamed
Date created: 29/05/2015

Figures released by Ryanair have shown that the median hourly pay for female UK staff is 71.8% lower than for male employees. Female employees also receive 3% lower bonus pay... read more

Next facing £30m claim from shop assistants over equal pay dispute
Date created: 22/05/2018

More than 300 shop floor staff at Next have filed a claim for £30m because of an equal pay dispute. The fashion retailer, who has a staff of predominantly women, has paid them on average 24% less than male employees working in their Next warehouse. .. read more

Ex-High Commissioner’s baby denied UK passport because he is not ‘British enough’
Date created: 11/05/2018

Arthur Snell, a former High Commissioner, said that his baby was denied a UK passport in 2011. Snell went further to say that the Home Office defaults to a refusal of citizenship whenever it can, in order to make it difficult for applicants.. read more

Working Families respond to EAT Hextall v Chief Constable Leicestershire Police
Date created: 03/05/2018

In the case of Hextall v Chief Constable Leicestershire Police, the EAT has ruled that Hextall.. read more

Amber Rudd says Windrush generation will get UK citizenship
Date created: 30/04/2018

Changes are to be made for the generation of Caribbean families who arrived in the UK between 1948 and 1973. Free citizenship will be awarded to them. Not only will this be applicable to Families from the Caribbean, but to anyone who settled in the UK during that period.. read more