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‘Spiteful sex discrimination’ – embassy secretary awarded £400,000
Date created: 30/11/2019

After being subjected to an ongoing campaign of sexual harassment along with spiteful conduct by senior staff at the Qatari Embassy, a former secretary has won her claim .. read more

Peebles Media Group scammed employee not required to repay £108,000
Date created: 27/11/2019

In a case at Scotland’s High Court the importance of maintaining up-to-date training has come to light. A woman employee who was scammed for £193,000 was ruled not liable to repay the money... read more

Employee with hearing disability – Boots failed to provide reasonable equipment
Date created: 21/11/2019

A former employee of Boots has won his case at an employment tribunal because the company did not make reasonable adjustments in the workplace for over one year... read more

Equal pay legal challenge for Boots
Date created: 12/11/2019

England, Scotland and Wales could see thousands of Boots in-store employees join in an equal pay claim against them. Should the claim be successful Boots could find themselves owing over £100m in back pay... read more

Equal pay case against BBC heads for tribunal
Date created: 05/11/2019

BBC presenter and journalist Samira Ahmed is taking the company to an employment tribunal. .. read more

Employee unfairly dismissed from Capita when her position was made full-time
Date created: 28/10/2019

Capita Customer Management made an employee redundant after a restructure which changed her role from part-time to full time... read more

Gender pay dispute – former TalkTalk executive takes on firm
Date created: 25/10/2019

A former senior executive at TalkTalk has taken the company to a tribunal over unfair dismissal and unequal pay. She is being supported by Carrie Gracie of the BBC and Sam Walker formerly from the Co-op... read more

Police constable wins claim against police service for sex discrimination
Date created: 16/10/2019

An industrial tribunal has ruled in favour of a police constable in his claim against the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). The constable was transferred out of his unit for refusing to shave his moustache... read more

Tribunal rules in favour of recruitment consultant and discrimination claim
Date created: 10/10/2019

After a company director made derogatory remarks about her religion and race a Muslim lady has won her case and been awarded over £22,000 in compensation... read more

Clarks taken to tribunal by former chief executive over misconduct claims
Date created: 04/10/2019

Because he claims he was not given the opportunity to defend a claim of misconduct, the former chief executive of Clarks Shoe Stores is taking the firm to an employment tribunal... read more