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Employers urged to act against racism as Black Lives Matter protests increase
Date created: 11/06/2020

With demonstrations increasing across the country as the Black Lives Matter movement gains momentum, HR professionals are being urged to check with their employees regarding annual leave requests to attend protests and demonstrations... read more

Whistleblowing on foul banter sees charity worker unfairly dismissed
Date created: 01/06/2020

A tribunal has ruled that a charity worker who blew the whistle on her colleagues was unfairly dismissed... read more

Gender gaps at home and work will widen because of Coronavirus
Date created: 28/05/2020

According to recently published research, more women will lose their jobs than men during and after the Coronavirus. This will widen the gender gap at both home and work... read more

Tube worker awarded £14k due to dismissal delays
Date created: 22/05/2020

Because of his employer’s failure to carry out a timely and reasonable disciplinary investigation, a London Underground employee sacked for sexual harassment has been awarded £14, 500... read more

Employment tribunal awards £400K for injury to feelings
Date created: 13/05/2020

Recently an award of £400K was awarded to a former employee at the Department for Work and Pensions. .. read more

Banned from taking breaks – Boots employee wins £7K at tribunal
Date created: 11/05/2020

An employment tribunal has awarded an employee of Boots the Chemist almost £7,000 after learning that she had been banned from taking breaks through the day... read more

Covid-19 pandemic – can women manage the virus better?
Date created: 20/04/2020

After the financial crash in 2008 there were several reports which showed that banks led by women suffered less from the economic crisis... read more

UK study suggests that BAME groups are hit harder than white people by Covid-19
Date created: 16/04/2020

Research shows that Covid-19 has a much more negative impact on non-white critically ill patients than it does on the white population... read more

As fathers get to stay at home, mothers are being kept at work in the UK
Date created: 08/04/2020

Several charities have responded to the unequal coronavirus stand which some firms have taken. Pregnant women are also being targeted the charities say... read more

EasyJet looking at contract changes – BA pilots faced with taking unpaid leave
Date created: 03/04/2020

Both pilots and cabin crew have been asked by EasyJet to agree to changes in their work conditions because of the Coronavirus. .. read more