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Man discriminated against on grounds of age is awarded £3,000 by Industrial Tribunal
Date created: 24/10/2018

Early in 2018 Patrick Gerald Matier went to the Antrim Jobs and Benefits Office to sign on for Job Seeker’s Allowance.. read more

Supreme Court rules that Christian bakers did not discriminate against same-sex activist.
Date created: 12/10/2018

Family run Asher's Bakery in Belfast has been the subject of the 'gay cake' case since 2014 when Gareth Lee requested they make and ice a cake for him... read more

Sexual harassment at work happens to 4 in 10 women
Date created: 10/10/2018

The law firm of Slater and Gordon has revealed that not only have many female staff experienced harassment first hand, a further 39% had in fact witnessed fellow staff members being abused.. read more

Pregnant? You have less chance of being promoted
Date created: 03/10/2018

It seems that becoming pregnant is holding women back from being promoted in one fifth of workplaces. In a recent survey of 800 managers, it came to light that there is a percentage of bosses who take women less seriously when they return to work after maternity leave.. read more

Female head coach demoted after returning from maternity leave
Date created: 26/09/2018

Mum of Andy and Jamie, Judy Murray has accused a Scottish tennis club of sexism after the head coach returned from maternity leave to find that she had been demoted. .. read more

After losing employment tribunal, Brewdog pays out £12,000
Date created: 18/09/2018

A former employee of the Craft Beer company Brewdog was sacked because he revealed that he was about to be declared legally blind. The company is now set to pay out £12,000 to James Ross.. read more

Pizza Hut sexual harassment case – schoolgirl awarded £16k
Date created: 11/09/2018

A 17-year old schoolgirl who was working as a receptionist at Pizza Hut Delivery in East London was awarded £15,800 after making a claim of sexual harassment at the employment tribunal.. read more

BA accused of harassment by worker wearing a crucifix
Date created: 04/09/2018

In a new tribunal a British Airways worker has won a landmark legal claim for the right to wear a crucifix at work. She has now started a new claim against British Airways... read more

Nike faces lawsuit over alleged gender discrimination of four women ex-employees
Date created: 29/08/2018

Four women who previously worked for Nike say that the firm violated equal pay laws. They also allege that the company fostered a work environment which allowed harassment to take place.. read more

Muslim woman in Sweden wins case for refusing to shake hands
Date created: 21/08/2018

The Swedish Labour Court ordered a company to pay compensation to a Muslim woman who refused to shake hands at an interview. The job interview was abruptly ended when Farah Alhajeh, aged 24 declined to shake the hand of the male interviewer.. read more