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Reading Race Equality Charity Has Funding Removed
Date created: 1-/20/2-07

Staff and volunteers at Reading’s Council for Race Equality Council have been rocked by the news that the local Council has decided to remove an integral part of its funding.. read more

New Public Sector Equality Duty to Commence April 2011
Date created: 1-/20/1-17

New guidance has been published by the Coalition Government to help public bodies prepare for the forthcoming Single Equality Duty. The revised duty covers a broad range of new considerations .. read more

CIPD survey reveals one third of employers actively exclude certain disadvantaged groups from their recruitment process
Date created: 1-/20/1-04

Less than one in four employers have hired from disadvantaged groups, such as ex offenders, young people with no qualifications.. read more

Positive Action Clause to be implemented by Coalition
Date created: 0-/20/2-06

As part of the governments new Equality Strategy announced earlier this week the Coalition have confirmed discretionary Positive Action considerations will be given to employers.. read more

Socio Economic Duty Scrapped
Date created: 0-/20/1-22

Theresa May Equalities Minister and Home Secretary has confirmed the Socio Economic Duty will be scrapped from the Equality Act .. read more

Law Society Finds Major Flaw with Wording of the Equality Act
Date created: 0-/20/1-08

Legal experts have been at logger heads with the Government Equalities Office after an alleged major flaw was discovered with the drafting of section 147 of the Equality Act.. read more

Diversityjobs.co.uk Now Biggest Diversity Recruitment Jobsite
Date created: 0-/20/1-01

Publishers of DiversityLink have quickly established their generalist diversity recruitment brand Diversityjobs.co.uk as the UK’s biggest.. read more

Unite Announces Measures To Tackle Race Equality Gap
Date created: 0-/20/0-25

Unite have announced a new initiative, “Race Forward” to tackle race inequality in the UK. The union highlights the extent of race inequality by quoting Office of National Statistics.. read more

How Fair Is Britain? EHRC Set To Unveil 700 Page Report
Date created: 0-/20/0-11

The Equality and Human Rights are set to publish a 700 page report on the state of equality in Great Britain. Thought to be the most comprehensive report on inequality ever published.. read more

Equality Commission’s Future Under Review Leaked Memo Reveals
Date created: 0-/20/0-01

According to a leaked document seen by the Daily Telegraph, 177 government Quangos are to be abolished. An additional 94 tax funded bodies including the Equality and Human Commission Rights are being considered for the scrap.. read more