News for Diversity and Equality Industry

Uber drivers are workers – says the Supreme Court
Date created: 25/02/2021

A unanimous ruling, and a landmark judgement from the Supreme Court means that Uber drivers are now classified as workers. The decision will have ‘serious implications’ for the gig economy and comes after a long-running legal case... read more

Diversity targets set for the first time by TSB
Date created: 12/02/2021

For the first time TSB has officially set goals for the representation of black, Asian and minority ethnic groups in the organisation. The goals include LGBT, female and disabled staff members... read more

One in six redundancies agree they were chosen because they were parents.
Date created: 02/02/2021

Last year a survey carried out among redundant employees showed that those made redundant believed they were unfairly and unlawfully chosen because they were parents... read more

Discrimination claim at curry supplier sees worker awarded compensation.
Date created: 30/01/2021

A gentleman who worked for Bradford Management Services won his discrimination claim after he was repeatedly told that because he was white, he did not understand the recipes. .. read more

NHS trust to pay £7,600 for age and sex discrimination
Date created: 25/01/2021

A ‘best fit’ hire landed the NHS trust in hot water when they were told to pay a 50-year-old man £7,600 for age and sex discrimination... read more

Police officers sacked after racist and sexist language
Date created: 15/01/2021

Hampshire Constabulary has fired three officers from the serious organised crime unit (SOCU) because of gross misconduct. Concerns raised by a whistle-blower came about after their ‘lads’ pad’ was secretly bugged... read more

Bullying complaints not addressed by Royal Mail - manager awarded £230K
Date created: 11/01/2021

After his complaints about discrimination and bullying at Royal Mail were not addressed, a manager was awarded a £230K payment. Both discrimination and bullying contributed to a decline in the claimant’s mental health and subsequent dismissal... read more

After raising concern over driver safety time, researcher is unfairly dismissed
Date created: 21/12/2020

A Christian Charity dismissed a senior employee after he raised health and safety concerns about drive times on work trips. An employment tribunal found him to have been unfairly dismissed... read more

Back pay awarded to agency workers paid less than employees
Date created: 14/12/2020

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council in the West Midlands will award forty agency waste collector workers thousands of pounds in backpay. The workers argued that their pay should have been equal to employees... read more

Discrimination case by former Queen’s student settled for £20,000
Date created: 08/12/2020

After alleging discrimination, a former student from Queen’s University in Belfast was awarded £20,000... read more