News for Diversity and Equality Industry

After threatening to ‘shoot’ a colleague, Timpson employee unfairly dismissed
Date created: 07/02/2020

An employment tribunal has found that a Timpson employee was unfairly dismissed for threatening to ‘shoot’ a colleague, because of the way the company handled the disciplinary process... read more

In Finland dads and mums will have the same parental leave
Date created: 07/02/2020

To encourage fathers to spend more time with their children, Finland’s new government has recently announced plans to give all parents the same amount of parental leave... read more

Tribunal hears that banker was dismissed because of his age
Date created: 29/01/2020

A 55-year old banker who was dismissed because of his age has won his appeal against global bank Citigroup. The dismissal was ruled by the employment tribunal as discrimination... read more

Driver for Highways England wins £74K for being harassed before job even began
Date created: 24/01/2020

An employment tribunal awarded an ex-Highways England driver an amount of £74,000 because she was harassed before her job even started... read more

Former analyst at Goldman Sachs – disability claim settled
Date created: 14/01/2020

A claim made by a former analyst at Goldman Sachs the Investment Bank, has been settled. The analyst claimed that the company had failed to make adjustments to allow for his attention deficit disorder... read more

Unfair dismissal – Oxford University Professor wins case
Date created: 10/01/2020

Oxford University was found to have acted unlawfully when they dismissed 69-year old Professor Paul Ewart, an employment tribunal has found... read more

After excess working hours, trader is diagnosed with depression and wins tribunal claim
Date created: 03/01/2019

An employment tribunal has ruled that a trader who became ill after working an excessive number of hours had been discriminated against because of his disability, namely mental health.. read more

Kitchen manager unfairly dismissed over discrimination about food safety
Date created: 19/12/2019

A tribunal has ruled that a kitchen manager for Beefeater was unfairly dismissed and been discriminated against because of his disability. The manager was dismissed for food safety failings after being required to work excessive hours... read more

After two-year battle disabled autistic woman finally gets £13,000 pay-out
Date created: 05/12/2019

A disabled autistic woman received a £13,000 PIP pay-out after proving that she was unable to work... read more

‘Spiteful sex discrimination’ – embassy secretary awarded £400,000
Date created: 30/11/2019

After being subjected to an ongoing campaign of sexual harassment along with spiteful conduct by senior staff at the Qatari Embassy, a former secretary has won her claim .. read more