News for Diversity and Equality Industry

Met Police accused of discrimination by Asian Officer
Date created: 10/07/2019

Parm Sandhu, one of the most senior female Asian police officers has begun legal action against the Metropolitan Police. She is accusing them of discrimination... read more

Tribunal rules that ‘perceived disability’ was discriminatory
Date created: 02/07/2019

A police officer’s ‘perceived disability’ was ruled as discriminatory by the Court of Appeal. Refusing to employ someone because of the perception that a health condition may in the future affect their ability to work is discrimination... read more

Discrimination claim – TfL employee wins claim after his own manager doubts his ability to speak fluent English
Date created: 25/06/2019

A former employee of Transport for London has won his claim for discrimination and victimisation because he was told he could not participate in conference calls and training. .. read more

‘Scandalous’ response over racism investigation – Hampshire Police criticised.
Date created: 11/06/2019

In a shocking development the police force is investigating 19 staff members over the alleged use of ‘prejudiced and inappropriate’ language and behaviour... read more

Sainsbury’s bars British ski champion and guide dog from store
Date created: 11/06/2019

John Dickinson-Lilley, a blind Paralympian said that the way the store treated him was humiliating. The idea that in 2019 you can walk into a store and be so humiliated is simply outrageous... read more

Judges says that records were altered by officials in bisexual prison officer case
Date created: 04/06/2019

A tribunal found that evidence from the Ministry of Justice during a harassment case was ‘sadly lacking’ in credibility... read more

Investigation claim launched by equality body against Labour antisemitism claims
Date created: 30/05/2019

A formal inquiry into the Labour Party is to be carried out by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. The equalities watchdog will investigate whether the party has harassed, victimised or unlawfully discriminated against people because they are Jewish... read more

Autistic worker discriminated against by Npower
Date created: 28/05/2019

A former employer of Npower who is affected by autism has won his claim against the company for failing to make adjustments to prevent him from feeling overwhelmed in the workplace. The tribunal decided that the claim was one of indirect discrimination... read more

‘So, you’re deaf?’ – the interview greeting that meant a £5,500 award to a prospective employee
Date created: 23/05/2019

After applying for a job as warehouse operative, a deaf man was greeted by the interviewer with the words ‘so, you’re deaf?’ .. read more

Female worker from NatWest receives £150,000 from equal pay claim
Date created: 17/05/2019

After it emerged that a former female worker at NatWest was earning thousands of pounds less than male colleagues, Miss Williams was awarded a £150,000 pay-out... read more