News for Diversity and Equality Industry

Disabled workers target – Rudd plans increase
Date created: 03/13/2019

In a recent announcement, Amber Rudd stated that she will review the government target of placing a million more people with disabilities in work by 2027.. read more

Guest post: ‘A need to be liked’ by Snéha Khilay
Date created: 03/12/2019

Most of us acknowledge that our upbringing, education, experiences and even religious background and beliefs provide us with perspectives that shape us. Our perspectives become our values - what is important and acceptable to us.. read more

Possible charges for Labour due to human rights and Anti-Semitism
Date created: 09/03/2018

The Human Rights Watchdog says that the Labour Party may have unlawfully discriminated against Jewish people. A formal investigation is also being considered by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) into anti-Semitism in the party... read more

Sex discrimination case – ONS economist wins £19,000
Date created: 07/03/2019

After a Cardiff tribunal found her former employer had denied her a promotion because of her gender, Olwen Renowden won her sex discrimination case and has been awarded £19,000... read more

Age discrimination case at tribunal won by 88-year-old woman
Date created: 27/02/2019

Recently an employment tribunal ruled that dismissing an 88-year old medical officer was not only unfair, but also tainted by discrimination.. read more

Charity says that parents of sick babies need more leave
Date created: 21/02/2019

Neonatal charity Bliss has revealed that a staggering 66% of fathers of premature and sick babies are being forced to return to work while their babies are still in intensive care.. read more

Hermes Couriers awarded ‘self-employed Plus’ status
Date created: 15/02/2019

In a ground breaking deal with the GMB Union, delivery firm Hermes is to give its couriers the option to receive guaranteed wages and holiday pay.. read more

Equal pay claims – Asda workers can now proceed, says Court of Appeal
Date created: 02/08/2019

In the long-running equal pay dispute with Asda, the Court of Appeal has ruled that store workers can now compare themselves with warehouse workers.. read more

Leadership agendas – disability ‘woefully absent’
Date created: 01/02/2019

Even as leadership teams are increasingly embracing the challenges which come with gender and ethnic diversity, research has shown that disability is absent in many board meetings and discussions taking place around the world... read more

More job protection for pregnant women proposed
Date created: 25/01/2019

Under new plans pregnant women and parents who return to work will receive greater protection from redundancy. The government plans to extend legal protection against redundancy. This proposal will pertain to women who are pregnant, and will continue up till six months after they return to work.. read more