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Gender pay gap and women’s career development are both big problems
Date created: 08/10/2018

When asked about what gets under the skin of many women employees, the answer came as a surprise. It is not the pay differential that bugs women, but the fact that men are valued more.. read more

After dismissing employee who used the ‘N’ word, Netflix will start educating staff
Date created: 06/08/2018

After dismissing their Head of Communications for using the ‘N’ word twice during a meeting, Netflix has stated that they will begin a programme to educate their staff about how nationality, gender, and race affect the company.. read more

Sexual orientation at work – over 30% of LGBT employees hide this
Date created: 25/07/2018

A survey of 3,213 employees carried out by YouGov showed that a staggering 30% of LGBT people kept their identities concealed at work.. read more

'Janet and John’ dress code Government Guidance Plan dismissed
Date created: 18/07/2018

The Governments guidance plan for employers on how they should implement dress codes has been criticised by an employment law firm. .. read more

Failure to disclose relationship with sex offender – Headteacher’s dismissal was justified
Date created: 11/07/2018

Headteacher at a maintained primary school, Ms Reilly failed to disclose her relationship with a man who had been convicted of making indecent pictures of children.. read more

Remember: Sexual harassment can have male victims as well as female victims
Date created: 07/05/2018

After the recent coverage of the #metoo campaign, it has become all too easy to assume that the victims of sexual harassment are women, and the perpetrators men. .. read more

Employment status action against Amazon delivery firms
Date created: 29/06/2018

An announcement from the British Trade Union GMB has indicated that they will be taking legal action against three Amazon delivery companies. This action is over the classification of drivers as self-employed.. read more

NHS doctor’s gender pay gap – Jeremy Hunt promises to close it
Date created: 06/21/2018

A new review has been launched by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to investigate and then close the 15% gender pay gap of NHS doctors. .. read more

Former Johnson Matthey employees entitled to compensation – Supreme Court rules for employees
Date created: 12/06/2018

After being dismissed for developing a sensitivity to platinum salts, the Supreme Court has rules that three employees of chemical company Johnson Matthey should be compensated... read more

Legal & General’s ‘Girl Fund’ will back firms showing good gender balance
Date created: 06/06/2018

Financial giant Legal & General is the first company in the UK to prioritise its investing powers in companies where women are well represented... read more