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Woman paid less than male peers at BBC says they have destroyed her career
Date created: 30/09/2019

After a former employee at the BBC filed a claim for unequal pay the BBC was ordered to pay her £130,000. 15 male colleagues in equivalent roles all earned higher salaries... read more

Menopausal women ‘should get flexible work hours’ – Labour conference
Date created: 23/09/2019

Under Labour plans to end stigma in the workplace, large employers would be required to allow flexible working hours for any woman who is going through menopause... read more

After witch’s hat left on her desk, a female banker wins her gender bias case
Date created: 19/09/2019

A city banker has sued and won her case against the London office of BNP Paribas for gender discrimination. After being the victim of a prank when she found a witch’s hat on her desk the banker also claimed for harassment... read more

Wetherspoons staff accuses student with stoma bag of taking drugs
Date created: 11/09/2019

A student is calling for better awareness of invisible disabilities after staff at a Wetherspoons pub accused her of taking drugs while she was using the disabled toilet... read more

After humiliating fit-for-work tests, disabled mum has her benefits axed
Date created: 03/09/2019

A disabled mum was plunged into poverty after she went through a humiliating PIP assessment. With the help of Epilepsy Scotland, she appealed the decision and has won her case... read more

Worker with kidney disease discriminated against by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Date created: 28/08/2019

An employee of the FCA who had a kidney disease was discriminated against and given a poor appraisal score. An employment tribunal ruled that the worker was discriminated against because of his disability... read more

After accidentally locking customer in branch, diabetic bank manager is discriminated against
Date created: 22/08/2019

An employment tribunal ruled that a bank manager who accidentally locked someone in the branch was discriminated against on grounds of disability... read more

Unfair dismissal for Tesco worker ‘left in the dark’ about her new role
Date created: 15/08/2019

An employment tribunal has ruled that after being left in the dark about changes to her new role, a former Tesco employee was unfairly dismissed... read more

Merging NHS trust unfairly dismisses HR manager
Date created: 09/08/2019

While two of her colleagues’ cases failed, an HR manager at a merged NHS trust has won her claim. The claim was for unfair dismissal and she won it even though she failed to apply for a suitable alternative position... read more

A warning of ‘unconscious bias’ and connection to racism comes from Prince Harry
Date created: 01/08/2019

The Duke of Sussex commented that even if people do not consider themselves to be racist, an ‘unconscious bias’ can lead to racist behaviour... read more