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National Stephen Lawrence Day will be held annually
Date created: 26/04/2018

The Prime Minister has said that every year on April 22nd a day of national commemoration will be held for murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence.. read more

£100K compensation set for Gran fired by dog track bosses
Date created: 24/04/2018

Valerie Axon, aged 60 was recently fired after 21 years of service to Coral Racing. Mrs Axon required treatment for breast cancer and had to take some time off work.. read more

Teacher’s dismissal appeal over 18-rated films dismissed by Tribunal
Date created: 11/04/2018

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has upheld the decision that a teacher was dismissed on grounds of discrimination rising from disability.. read more

Constructive Dismissal case won by former Royal British Legion employee
Date created: 04/04/2018

An employment tribunal in Southampton has found that an employee was bullied and treated unfairly by her line manager and the HR Department, and then dismissed.. read more

Study shows discrimination costs the UK £127bn each year
Date created: 27/03/2018

According to diversity and inclusion champion INvolve and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) discriminatory pay issues cost the UK economy around £127bn in lost output every year... read more

Salesman who was called a ‘fat pikey’ loses racial discrimination claim
Date created: 19/03/2018

David Evans, a technology salesman, has lost his claim for racial discrimination. Evans said he was called a ‘fat ginger pikey’ and ‘Gimli’ by his managers... read more

A major boost to the economy by giving better support for older workers
Date created: 13/03/2018

In a recently published report, supporting older workers could mean huge economic potential An independent charity foundation, The Centre for Ageing Better has stated that older people who become unemployed tend.. read more

Big gender pay gap across the UK – banking group Barclays reveal their figures
Date created: 06/03/2017

Barclays 2017 gender pay gap report has revealed that there are huge gaps between men and women the UK group. There is a median hourly pay gap of 43.5%, and an even greater gap of 73% for bonuses.. read more

£4bn equal pay claim against Tesco
Date created: 19/02/2018

After the law firm Leigh Day announced legal proceedings, Tesco the supermarket giant faces what may be the largest equal pay challenge in UK history. If this claim is successful, it may cost Tesco in the region of £4bn in compensation for workers... read more

Woman earning less than male colleague wins clam for equal pay
Date created: 15/02/2018

Despite doing the same job as a male colleague, a female manager was paid £7,680 less per year. Ms Michelle Smith has recently won more than £12,000 in compensation from her former employer.. read more