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Reinstated and awarded £30k – Oxford Professor who was ousted
Date created: 15/10/2020

After being forced to leave his position at Oxford University because of his age, a Professor has been reinstated and awarded nearly £30,000 in compensation... read more

Stop and search remarks – Bill Pipes, Dorset councillor removed
Date created: 14/10/2020

Councillor Bill Pipes was removed from the Dorset Police and Crime Panel after he made several remarks targeting stop and search operations... read more

Security guard wins discrimination case when manager repeatedly calls her ‘honey’
Date created: 02/10/2020

An employment tribunal awarded £10,000 to a security guard who had her hours reduced, was denied the ability to take her holiday and was repeatedly called ‘honey’ by her manager... read more

Sex education – Christian worker sacked because of her opinion
Date created: 01/10/2020

A Christian school assistant has been fired because of her views about sex education. She is taking her former employer to tribunal, seeking £56K in damages... read more

After finding homophobic note in locker, worker from Wilko’s quits her job
Date created: 22/09/2020

After finding a homophobic note shoved into her locker Pamela Clinton quit her job at Wilko’s because she was not happy with the way her complaint was handled... read more

Covid-19 worker reinstated after B&Q dismissal
Date created: 21/09/2020

A worker from B&Q who was dismissed because she failed to follow absence procedures has been reinstated in her position after the union Updaw took action against the company... read more

Inquiry finds GMB Union ‘institutionally sexist’
Date created: 09/09/2020

A leading barrister has labelled one of the UK’s largest trade unions, GMB Union ‘institutionally sexist,’ leading to an inquiry into the culture of the union. .. read more

Changes to contracts – British Gas staff may consider strike
Date created: 31/08/2020

After claims that staff will be forced to accept worse employment contracts or face dismissal, British Gas employees are threatening to strike... read more

UK fund managers say they will hire 100 black interns a year
Date created: 26/08/2020

In an effort to tackle underrepresentation many City firms have signed up to #100BlackInterns. Eighty City fund managers have already committed to hiring 100 black interns per year... read more

Sexism case against tech firm Splunk won by sales executive
Date created: 18/08/2020

After her clients were re-allocated to others in what she described as an ‘old boys’ network’ a sales executive has won her claim for sex discrimination... read more