Employee who shared antisemitic posts is fired from the BBC

The BBC has stated that they have sacked an employee who posted antisemitic comments on social media.

BBC Three senior scheduling coordinator Dawn Queva posted several antisemitic comments on her Facebook page.

The BBC was informed about the posts and has commented that Ms Queva is no longer working for the company.

In a statement, a spokesperson said that the BBC does not tolerate antisemitism, Islamophobia and any other form of abuse. All allegations were taken seriously, followed by appropriate disciplinary action wherever necessary.

After she was fired Ms Queva removed all her posts from Facebook.

The BBC learned that some Jewish staff were unhappy about the situation, although the company said that regarding staff, their welfare is of paramount importance. 

In place at the company is a well-established and robust process which is there to handle complaints, concerns, and in fact any issues raised with them. Additionally, there is support in place for anyone who may need it.

A former BBC presenter Andrew Neil reported that when speaking to some former colleagues he learned that they felt it was ‘grim and frightening’ to be Jewish at the BBC right now.

On learning about the horrific things Ms Queva had written on Facebook Mr Neil said that he believed the BBC would do the right thing as it was such an ‘open and shut case.’

On her Facebook page Ms Queva described the Holocaust as a ‘holohoax’ and it was this comment which prompted the BBC to take action.

In other messages she wrote about ‘AshkeNazis’ which is a slur on the word ‘Ashkenazi’ referring to Jewish people who descend from those who live in central or eastern Europe.

One of her messages calls the Ashkenazi Jews ‘a bunch of subcontinental European melanin recessive Caucasian Japhetic AshkeNazis who have no blood connection to the land of Palestine or Israel historically.’

Yet another post brands Jewish people as an ‘invader coloniser species.’ She goes on to describe white people as barbaric and bloodthirsty, and refers to the UK as the UKKK which is a reference to the Ku Klux Klan.

Ms Queva posted under the name of Dawn Las Quevas-Allen. She had previously worked in scheduling at A&E networks, UKTV and Disney.

After her remarks began attracting attention she challenged her critics to ‘come at me, my shoulders are broad.’

In the time leading up to her firing a Jewish worker commented that they were finding it very hard seeing that everyone apart from their bosses condemned what was happening.

A comment was made by a worker saying that if the BBC is serious about standing up to antisemitism, then they should be practising what they preach particularly when the comments are made by their own staff.

Yet another worker said that the BBC should make it clear that racism is racism and will not be tolerated.

A spokesperson for the CAA (Campaign Against Antisemitism) commented that the posts were ‘utterly horrific.’ Posts like these do not have a place at the public broadcasting company. There is something terribly rotten at the BBC.

Although they are filing complaints and reporting the posts to the police, the CAA stated that it is time for the BBC to step up and confront antisemitism in the company once and for all.

Ms Queva, from her home in south-east London, has declined to comment.   



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