Further Education Colleges Under the Equality Spotlight

59% of Further Education Colleges scored less than 50% in a recent Equality analysis of their websites.

This was one of the findings of a recent report, aimed at encouraging colleges to improve the quality of information provided on their websites.
‘Further Education Colleges: Recruitment Equality for the 21st Century?’ is the second report published this year by Anne Tynan. This report was commissioned and sponsored by R21Education, the leading job board for Further Education colleges.
Although the report highlights examples of Excellence – 14% of colleges scored above 60% - there are also areas for concern. A staggering 91% of colleges did not provide easily available information on their websites about building/venue accessibility.
One of the author’s main conclusions is that organisations need to adapt more of a marketing mentality if they are to be successful in embedding and disseminating Equality and Diversity ideas, practices and information.
The report has been welcomed by the European Commission’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team, as it is an example of a small business putting CSR into practice. It has also received an enthusiastic reception from the US Task Force on Health Care Careers for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Community; it will be used as a resource by the Task Force access subcommittee.
PDF and Word versions of the report can be downloaded now from the link below



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