97% of recruitment websites provide no Equality or Diversity information

The UK recruitment industry needs to take urgent action to improve recruitment websites to make them accessible and welcoming for all users.

This is the main finding of a report published recently, aimed at provoking the recruitment industry into ‘getting its Equality Act together’.

‘Recruitment Equality – Accessibility, Equality and Diversity on Recruitment Websites’ is the outcome of a study by Anne Tynan, an HR Equality & Diversity specialist. Over a three-month period, Anne screened a cross-sectoral selection of 300 recruitment websites and analysed the results.

Several of the report’s findings suffice to set the scene:

  • 54% of websites offered no Accessibility features for disabled people and provided no Equality or Diversity information
  • 97% of websites – remember that these are recruitment websites – provided no Equality or Diversity information within their Application & Recruitment procedures or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

‘Recruitment Equality’ provides an insight into the recruitment industry’s standpoint on equality issues. To say that there is room for improvement could possibly prove to be one of the greatest understatements of 2011.

A PDF copy of the report can be downloaded at http://tinyurl.com/64aaf3w

A Word version can also be viewed online, kindly hosted by Diversity Jobs, at http://www.diversityjobs.co.uk/diversityjobs/


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