Youtube Hires Oona King for Global Diversity Position

Youtube has made the Labour peer Oona King its director of diversity and multicultural marketing. King is said to be leaving her role at Channel 4 as a diversity executive in order to pursue the new opportunity in San Francisco. She will be responsible for overseeing a wide range of diverse talent for YouTube.

She will take a sabbatical from her front bench peerage at the House of Lords in Westminster.  King announced her decision by stating:  “I see YouTube as the future of broadcasting. It brings opportunities and challenges to content providers and it will be fascinating to see how YouTube and a younger generation will redefine media consumption.”

YouTube confirmed King’s appointment but declined to issue any statement.

King has had an impressive career thus far in both broadcasting and politics. She was an MP for Bethnal green and Bow between 1997 and 2005 before she tried her hand at freelance writing, broadcasting and journalism.

She was then the senior policy advisor on equality and diversity to the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown from 2007 to 2009. King then moved to Channel 4, where she was the broadcaster’s head of diversity, before undertaking a quest to become the London mayor in 2010. She lost out to Ken Livingstone who was then beaten by the Conservative Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.


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