Working Lives Research Institute celebrates fifth anniversary

The Working Lives Research Institute celebrated five years of successful research on social justice on the 21 st November 2007.

Mary Davis, Deputy Director of WLRI, said of its work:

“For us the keystone and the cornerstone is that it's got to be socially useful. It's not any old work it's not any old consultancy. We like to service our constituent parts, which is obviously the labour movement, and is obviously progressive organisations.”

She continued:

“I think we've got a lot to celebrate. Most important we've been true, I think, to our mission, which was to conduct socially committed research. And we are committed and we have conducted that research and there is evidence of it.”

“Celebrate in what we've done, participate in what we do, and give us ideas for what you'd like to do in the future. You know what we stand for – you know it makes sense!"

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Working Lives Research Institute

The Working Lives Research Institute is a centre for research and teaching, based at the London Metropolitan University. The centre undertakes socially committed academic and applied research into all aspects of working lives, emphasising equality and social justice, and working for and in partnership with trade unions.

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