Women’s Equality Party leader: We will field candidates if women MPs renege on promise to aid party's goals

The leader of the newly founded Women’s Equality Party (WEP) said her party will not hesitate to go against women

MPs who do not support the party’s objectives.

WEP’s leader, 44-year-old Sophie Walker, is a journalist for Reuters has taken a leave of absence from her work to focus on her new role. Walker, a mother of a child diagnosed with autism, has no previous political experience but was convinced to join politics after her campaigns for autism.

The first feminist party in UK, WEP was founded last 28 March 2015 and had 1,300 members then. Among the founding members of the party are Catherine Mayer (journalist) and Sandi Toksvig (broadcaster).

The party has experienced a boom in its membership and has become one of the fastest growing parties in the UK. WEP currently has 58 local as well as regional party groups.

Primarily established to promote women’s rights and equality, WEP is also advocating for various changes to level current social and political imbalance. WEP, for instance, is calling for a system of education conducive to creating opportunities for all children, regardless of sex or ethnicity.

Walker told The Independent last July 22 that WEP is non-partisan but will be sending candidates in the next election. Walker said: “We will ask MPs who have demonstrated support for our values of equality to join us and stand as joint candidates.”


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