Who is the new Minister for Race Equality?

Who is the new Minister for Race Equality? No official confirmation yet weeks after ministerial appointment

Weeks after the 2015 general election has been concluded, the Conservative government of David Cameron has assembled his cabinet and appointed ministers. But there is no official confirmation yet who will be the minister for race equality.

Previous governments appointed a minister with a title of race equality minister. But in the new government’s list of ministry, there is no explicit mention of a race equality minister.

Baroness Williams of Trafford was appointed by Cameron as parliamentary undersecretary of state for communities and local government. It was revealed by The Voice on a May 29 article that she will be called faith and integration minister. Aside from faith and integration, her office would be responsible for equalities and women. But The Voice team contacted the Government Equalities Office (GEO) and had no clear response as to who is the minister in charge of race equality.

While the UK has not been rocked by race-related protests in recent years like what the US experienced last 2014 and recently in April, racism has continued to be an issue in the country. The NatCen Social Research released its British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey in 2014, which revealed that the number of persons admitting having prejudicial attitudes against individuals belonging to different races has steadily risen since the year 2000.

The team from The Voice asked the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) if there will still be a race equality minister and they were told by a spokesman: “If you’d like to refer to the Baroness as minister for race equality I’ll speak to her office.”

The Voice then said Baroness Williams sent them a statement saying she is excited to be assigned as race equality minister. But when the team contacted DCLG for confirmation, they received no response.

So, as of now, organisations and citizens devoted to advocating diversity are still waiting who will lead the way towards promotion of racial equality in UK.


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