UK youngsters turned off by low diversity in workplaces

Majority of young adults in the UK do not want to be hired by establishments lacking workplace diversity, research from MyKindaCrowd says.

The recent survey of the start-up social enterprise entitled How Diverse is the Workforce involved polling teachers and young adults aged 12 to 25. 69% of young adults surveyed said they prefer workplaces that are diverse. Only 31% of youngsters say they are willing to work for a company that lacks diversity provided they will be given the opportunity to work their dream jobs.

But it is not just youngsters that are put off by lack of diversity in most UK workplaces. MyKindaCrowd’s survey also revealed that 77% of teachers prefer recommending an establishment that has a reputation for promoting diversity in the workplace.

Diversity has been considered beneficial for businesses as it increases productivity and allows employees to learn more from experiences of peers coming from diverse backgrounds. However, lack of diversity in workplaces has been a long-standing issue in the UK. While several reforms have been forwarded by the government to promote diversity, the problem still continues to be poorly addressed.

Business in the Community recently released data from its research which suggests that little progress has been made in addressing inequality in company management. The study showed that only one out of 16 managers occupying top positions belong to black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) groups despite the fact that one out of 10 employees are BAME.

Still, MyKindaCrowd says it is essential for young adults to be properly informed regarding workplace diversity.

Will Akerman, MyKindaCrowd’s managing director, speaking with HR magazine commented, "It is vital that young people are aware of what a diverse workplace is and the skills they can bring to it.”


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