UKs Largest Diversity Awards to be televised

Sky Television’s Digital TV Channel the Community Channel is the only TV channel dedicated to highlighting issues raised by charities, voluntary groups and community organisations. Recently the National Diversity Awards were held and they will be broadcast in early November.

The Awards showcases some of the UK’s most inspirational people who were brought together to celebrate the rich diversity of the country at a glittering awards ceremony. Featuring selfless and heart warming heroes in their communities, the show was hosted by reality TV star Brian Dowling. He heralded the night as “phenomenal” and praised the nominees for their “outstanding” contributions to their communities. Cerrie Burnell, a popular children’s TV presenter born with one arm was also there in a hosting capacity. Subject to accusations that her disability scared children at the start of her career, Cerrie embraced her role and helped to promote diversity resulting in her gaining plenty of respect. She stated that hosting the awards was both “humbling and brilliant.”

The National Diversity Awards are an ideal way to celebrate the courage of individuals who fight for inclusion and to acknowledge and enjoy their fabulous contributions to society. With a star studded line up, the show featured Misha B as well as many other special guests who were invited to present awards. The star of  ‘My Transsexual Summer’ Drew-Ashlyn Cunningham expressed her pride in being chosen to be patron of the awards, and Grace Cardozo who won the positive role model award for LGBT was honoured to be part of the experience, saying she would remember it for the rest of her life.

The entrepreneur of excellence award for race, faith & religion was given to Jessica Huie who said she was delighted to be able to demonstrate to her 14 year old daughter who attended the event that hard work and commitment to your dreams pays off.

The National Diversity Awards ceremony has a growing list of employing organisations including Microsoft, The Open University, Transport for London and M15 amongst others. Founder Paul Sesay was delighted about having the awards televised and hopes it will help the awards to reach wider audiences and help more people to get involved. The awards are to be aired on the 8th November, and the Community Channel can be found on sky channel 539, Virgin Media channel 233 and freeview channel 87.


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