UK Lacking Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Researchers have recently ranked Britain just 11th out of 18 developed countries that include the USA, Sweden, France and Spain in terms of gender diversity in the workplace.

The research took into account several factors, such as the gap between male and female employment, board room representation and overall salary.

Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist of Glassdoor Economic Research, which compiled the report, said: “In the UK there are fewer women than men in the workplace. However, this gap is considerably narrower for those with a university education. 

 “By contrast, Sweden, Norway and Finland all have an almost equal balance of men and women in the labour market and can be a lesson for the UK.”

He went on the criticize the treatment of working mothers in the UK, who he considered to be ‘paying a high price’, with the gender pay gap being particularly discriminatory in this area.

“British working mothers are significantly worse off than those without family responsibilities, and this pressure will not help the UK address its workplace diversity issues,” he said.

Figures appear to substantiate Chamberlain’s assertion, as the pay gap for women with no children is 7%, whereas for a working mother with one child the gap jumps to 21%.

Although the UK is doing better than Germany and Ireland, it still finds itself toward the lower end of the table in terms of gender equality in the workplace.

The Scandinavian countries, Sweden, Norway and Finland were deemed to be the best for gender equality in the workplace for women, whereas Greece was ranked at the bottom behind Italy.

Nevertheless, there was room for optimism at the findings, which showed that the UK had one of the highest proportions of females in management roles at 35%, behind only Sweden and Norway in the tables.

About 26% of UK board members at listed companies are women, compared with 36% in Norway at the top end of the scale and Estonia at the bottom with 8%, Glassdoor said.


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