TUC launches campaign against HIV discrimination at work

To coincide with World AIDS Day 2007 tomorrow (Saturday) the TUC is launching a workplace leaflet and poster campaign about HIV, to combat the discrimination and stigma that accompanies infection.

Alongside the global pandemic, infections in the UK continue to rise with more than 70,000 people now HIV positive in Britain. The workplace is a key battleground against HIV as it is a condition, unlike most other conditions except those that are not directly work related, suffered disproportionately by people of working age. And although discrimination on grounds of HIV infection is illegal under the Disability Discrimination Act - many people living with HIV face unfair treatment at work.

The TUC advice, written jointly with the National AIDS Trust, explains the main facts about HIV and how it is transmitted, as well as relevant employment law issues. It also points out the need for unions to guard against the risks of unfair discrimination against people living with HIV.

The leaflet proposes policies to support those with HIV at work that unions can negotiate with employers, and also points out the danger that ignorance about HIV can lead to homophobia and racism - as gay men and black Africans are the two groups in society where the highest rate of infection occurs.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber, who will launch the leaflet at an event with CEO of the National AIDS Trust Deborah Jack on Monday, said: 'With a year on year increase in the numbers of people with HIV in the UK, and with the majority of those of working age, there is no room for complacency among employers. That is why the TUC calls for an HIV and AIDS policy to be adopted in all workplaces.
'The new leaflet and posters will help unions and employers to work together to introduce policies and procedures to end prejudice and discrimination, and to help those living with HIV to enjoy full working lives.'


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