Sustainable care is needed to create gender equality

A viewpoint published by social justice campaigners, The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has called for the strengthening of care and care systems to allow realistic progress on gender inequality. Sustainable care can only be provided if carers are rewarded and valued to the extent where men can see caring as a viable career option.

The document warns If action is not taken soon, the system will face considerable strain as more and women pursue better economic opportunities. This is due to the fact paid and unpaid care in the vast majority of cases is currently provided for by women. Due to the gender pay gap men are unable to take on caring without financial loss.

Care is vital issue when it comes to equality, because the sector is dominated by women, sustainable care is one of the vital elements to challenging gender inequality. The report argues that the current care sector is poorly regulated, offers poor pay, conditions and training opportunities. Making it poorly equipped to deal with society’s current and increasing care needs. The viewpoint calls for the following action to facilitate demand as well as equality for women.

- pay and conditions improve to retain more women and encourage men to enter the care sector;
- unpaid carers receive financial and other support, and working hours are reduced for all, so that more people can combine family care with employment;
- cash payments to individuals are not allowed to drive out funding for vital community services; and
- policies are judged by the quality of care they support and how much they encourage a stable, less gender-divided workforce, as well as value for money

The Joseph Rowntree foundation believe that putting more resources into a sustainable care system makes sense as more people will need it, and also be willing to pay for it due to the improved economic outlook it will potentially create.

The report is a fascinating insight into how care and gender equality intertwine. To review the report in details please click the link below to the Joseph Rowntree Foundations website.


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