Survey reveals employers are increasing efforts to recruit from under A collection of workers from all walks of life in office wearrepresented groups

According to a survey conducted by employers in Britain are planning to more aggressively recruit gay, disabled, female and Acian workers in 2007 and 2008,

More than 215 hiring managers and 500 workers were surveyed for job site by Harris Interactive. When asked what segment of diverse workers they plan to more aggressively recruit in 2007 and 2008, employers said women (21 per cent), disabled workers (16 per cent), Asian workers (13 per cent) and gay/lesbian workers (8 per cent).

Entitled 2007 UK Job Forecast, the study predicts that job growth in Britain will remain stable until the end of this year and employers will "remain committed to expanding the demographics of their staffs".

Dave Smith, Managing Director of commented "UK employers will continue to struggle with a shrinking skilled labour force as Baby Boomers move closer to retirement and the smaller generations of replacement workers falls under quota.

The survey seems to have found an increased acceptance amongst employers of the positive influence workforce diversity has on overall business performance.

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