Study finds inclusive businesses are more likely to be environmentally friendly

A study conducted by sustainable procurement body CAESER has found an interesting link between a company’s stance on diversity and their environmental impact. An analysis of some of the public sector's key suppliers reveals businesses that strive for an inclusive workforce also consistently commit more resources to reducing their environmental impact.

Data reveals 94% of companies with a representative workforce also had robust policies on reducing carbon emissions and waste reduction compared with 76% of companies with an unrepresentative workforce. The survey also finds that companies that scored high on CAESER’s Environmental Sustainability Standard also performed well in their equality and diversity assessments. This has lead the body to conclude where an organisation is successful in delivering ethical business practises in one area it is highly likely they will perform well with their other ethical goals.  CAESER believes that a big part of this success is due to more organisations moving ethical business practises to the centre of their core business practise, where previously they would have been more of a philanthropic afterthought.
Worryingly the study shows a stronger focus within organisations on environmental sustainability than Equality and Diversity, with 73% of individuals tasked with responsibility for environmental sustainability holding board positions, compared to only 50% of those responsible for equality and diversity. However it’s widely thought the forthcoming Single Equality Bill may shift the issue of equality and diversity higher up the agenda to redress this imbalance.
Commenting on the findings John McClelland, CBE and Chairman of CAESER, said:
“These results represent a significant development in Corporate Responsibility and confirm what we have suspected for some time. Businesses that value their employees and do the best they can to promote equality and respect diversity are best placed to protect our environment and help rebuild our economy”.



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