Some brands shy away from SSM – not Coca-Cola

Sydney, Australia – Coca-Cola has launched their ‘Love’ Coke cans in support of Same Sex Marriages. The billboard in Kings Cross, which has been a fixture for over 40 years, has recently changed design from white lights to a rainbow coloured display, as part of their support for inclusion and equality.

Likewise, the billboard next to it has also had a makeover, and it will release a limited number of Coca-Cola cans, which display the word ‘love’ in the rainbow design.

Coca-Cola said that the new design is to reflect the company commitment to equality.

The company spokesperson said that they had always stood up for diversity, equality, and inclusion around the world. The company proudly strives to further these qualities in their business practices. They openly support the right for equality for all in society, believing that every person has the right to happiness. Furthermore, they believe it is time for a change in Australia. All couples should be treated equally, no matter who they are or who they love.

Coca-Cola believes in the power of a united people, regardless of where they are working for human rights.

The company stated that they understood that not everyone supported their viewpoint, and they respected the individuals’ right to differ, but they also hoped that the public would support the staff, family, and friends. They feel that this is important so that all customers and consumers can share simple happiness.

Very few brands in Australia have made such a public display in support of marriage equality. Coca-Cola is in the minority in this action.

Earlier this year Airbnb launched their campaign ‘Until we all belong’. They called on the public to support equality in marriage by wearing a ring designed by Marc Newsom. The campaign was a huge success, and was supported by big names such as Google, eBay, ANZ, and Qantas. The chief executives of these companies signed a letter addressed to the Australian Prime Minister, calling for reform and action.

In the run-up to the November 7th vote, it is interesting to note that while most of the ‘big names’ in Australia have pledged support for marriage equality, most of them have chosen not to display this in public. Major companies such as Optus, Holdon, Deloitte, and Telstra have all said that while they support the idea, they will not be involved in public display advertising.

Although they might not openly support the ‘Yes’ campaign, contributions have been made from some of the companies, notably $1million was received from Alan Joyce, chief executive of Qantas. This is the largest donation that the campaign has received. Joyce is a vocal supporter of equality in marriage, and has urged Corporate Australia to follow suit.

November 7th is the last day Australians have, to submit their postal votes on same sex marriage. The results of this vote will then be used by the government to decide whether to legalise gay marriage, or not.


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