Single Equality Bill should protect against religious discrimination claims MP

A leading labour Minister, Sadiq Khan has called for the proposed Single Equality Bill to cover faith based discrimination.  Sadiq Khan a Government whip is  London’s first ever Muslim MP, he is a former human rights lawyer and former chair of Liberty.

Mr Khan believes while the extension will help people of all religious backgrounds, it will particularly offer much needed protection to Britain’s Muslim community who have been marginalised largely by the recent changes to the global and domestic political environment.

His Pamphlet “Fairness not Favours” published by Labour think tank The Fabian Society draws on a year-long research project, challenges government to learn the lessons and understand why Muslims are disillusioned with government.

He writes,

“In my view, there is an overwhelming case for the public service duty in the Bill covering the strands of race, gender and disability – to which the proposed Bill will address – and also the remaining strands of religion of belief. Of course, this would not apply exclusively to British Muslims – but it would make a real difference to this community.”

Mr Khan also called for the teaching of Black and Asian history to be made compulsory in schools. Claiming it would aid better cohesion in British society.  

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