Sheffield University is among the country's top 50 employers

Sheffield alumni across the globe have one more reason to be proud of their institution, but it’s not in any way connected with research or academic excellence the university has been traditionally known for.

The Stonewall Workplace Equality Index 2015 recently released its rankings and placed the University of Sheffield as the 43rd best employer of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people across the UK.

The annual index, which is conducted by LGB rights charity Stonewall, is one of the recognised equal employment benchmark in the country. Stonewall has been carrying out the index since its inception in 2005.

This year’s ranking of the University of Sheffield is a vast improvement from its position the previous year when it ranked 82nd out of 400 organisations in the country. 

One of the pioneering redbrick university in UK, University of Sheffield has been long known for its outstanding research innovations. Among the notable alumni of the University are Nobel Prize-winning scientists, such as, Sir Richard Roberts and Howard Florey.

Yet the university has not just confined its focus on academic excellence and has committed itself on improving its relations and support to its community of LGB workers. Its 2014 Staff Survey is a testament to its dedication to build up its LGB initiatives as 98% of its personnel are convinced the University treats employees equally with respect irrespective of sexual orientation.

The university’s Director of Human Resources, Andrew Dodman, expressed satisfaction with the institution’s improved ranking in a news release published on University of Sheffield’s website last January 14.

Dodman said: “I’m very proud of our work in this area, and LGBT equality will continue to be a focus within our wider equality agenda. We are always striving to create a remarkable place to work, and we do that by working in partnership with our staff and other stakeholders to promote and embed inclusivity in everything we do.”


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