Reading Race Equality Charity Has Funding Removed

Staff and volunteers at Reading’s Council for Race Equality Council (RCRE) have been rocked by the news that the local Council has decided to remove an integral part of its funding. 90’000 pounds historically ear marked as a grant for the 42 year old charity will be put out to tender this year.

A number of local projects helping community cohesion funded by the RCRE are now under threat as the cuts threaten the RCRE’s very own future. Organisations such as Polish Education Society, Bangladesh Association, Reading Hindu Centre and Reading Muslim Council are set to lose funding as a result of the decision.
A council statement said the decision was "not taken lightly". But it added race awareness was now well established in many organisations and was just one equality issue the council had to deal with.
Chair of RCRE, Dr Ejaz Elahi, said: "There is a strong possibility that there will be no RCRE, I can tell you that."



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