Provocation defence to be abolished

The Government has announced new laws on homicide which will end the provocation defence for in cases of domestic homicide where the husband for example escapes murder charge by blaming his wife for 'provoking' him by her infidelity.

Ms Harman said:

"For centuries the law has allowed men to escape a murder charge in domestic homicide cases by blaming the victim. Ending the provocation defence in cases of "infidelity" is an important law change and will end the culture of excuses.

"There is no excuse for domestic violence, let alone taking a life. Whatever happens in a relationship does not justify resorting to violence. So men who kill their wife will have to face a murder charge and will no longer be able to claim 'its her fault, she provoked me'.

"Changing the law will end the injustice of women being killed by their husband and then being blamed. It will end the injustice of the perpetrators making excuses saying it's not my fault - it's hers."

As the Government plans to toughen the law in domestic violence cases, the Government Equalities Office has published a factsheet on domestic violence which includes the Domestic Homicide Map of Britain showing the number of women killed by their partners across England and Wales. Ms Harman said: "We can and will make progress in tackling the dreadful toll of domestic violence."


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