One Society Many Cultures website launched by NAAR

The National Assembly Against Racism (NAAR) have launched a fantastic resource celebrating cultural diversity. The launch of he One society many cultures website will act as a beacon for Multiculturalism. The campaign is supported by UNISON’s General Political Fund, other organisations have also been invited to show their support

NAAR believe the site will celebrate multiculturalism in the face of negative portrayal by the mainstream media by holding it responsible for various social problems. NAAR believe This principle of multiculturalism is the social framework that has emerged from 40 years of anti-racist struggle and it must be defended. The success of this model of multiculturalism stands in contrast with the stark inequality and social conflict evident in other European countries, where assimilation is promoted

The site will champion Cultural Diversity and offer advice on best practise featuring case studies and research.

to visit the site click below


posted by Asif Yusuf



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