Norfolk and Suffolk receive awards for their promotion of equality and diversity

In recognition of the contributions made towards a nationwide programme promoting equality and diversity across the NHS, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) has been named as the recipient of a special award.

The award was handed out in recognition for the participation in the NHS Employers Equality and Diversity Partner Programme which took place during 2016/2017.

The programme was designed to give organisations the opportunity to highlight the work they do – and are doing – with the goal of creating a fairer, more inclusive NHS for both staff and patients alike.

The award is given on recognition of the continuing efforts of any organisation which seeks to embed equality and diversity in all that it does. The NSFT spent two years working alongside the NHS

Employers Programme, during which time it played a major part in supporting efforts across the nation, improving diversity and equality.

While working with the programme, the NSFT was involved in sharing the best practise across the region, and also contributing to consultations, with the goal being to shape the national policy and legislative changes. Social media campaigns promoting diversity, and national activities along the lines of monitoring sexual orientation among service users, were part of the programme.

NSFT has applied to be partner in the programme for the third year, and are waiting to hear whether this application has been accepted.

Head of equality and engagement with the NSFT, Ravi Seenan said that they were extremely pleased to receive the award in recognition of the work they had done, and the contributions they had made as a partner over the last year. In fact, NHS employers had told him how impressed they were by the energy, drive and passion which was obvious when promoting equality and diversion.

Mr Seenan said that it was positive and encouraging feedback to receive. The trust had made a concerted effort in trying to create a culture which promoted inclusion for both staff and service users, and they had worked hard to this extent.

Over the past three years such things as new mandatory training for staff had been put in place, and colleagues felt that they were supported in their goals to improve the services they provided.

Mr Seenan concluded by saying that even though they had received the award, the NSFT recognised that there was still more that could be done to create a supportive environment which included all staff, service users, and carers. He looked forward to working further to strengthen these points in the future.


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