Non Binary Term Debated by Council

Oxford City council has been discussing the possibility of implementing the gender neutral term ‘Mx’

After complaints were received, the council hinted that honorifics might be completely removed from forms if the decision.

Advocates of the action say that the local authority would simply be falling into line with other government departments.

The suggestion to use Mx was welcomed by Oxford Pride, but chairman Rob Jordon said he did not condone getting rid of titles altogether.

He said: "This is a progressive step that can only be welcomed. By giving someone the option to use the title they already use every day in official forms and other areas it shows the council is listening to people.But the thing about removing titles completely is you are taking away choice rather than just adding it."

The recommendation came after it was discovered that those from the LGBTQ community were reluctant to share such information on surveys.

Caroline Jordan, headmistress of the independent Headington School, said teachers should instead use gender-neutral words such as 'pupils' or 'students'. She argued that schools ran the risk of upsetting young people who fell into a non-binary category.

Cllr Tom Hayes, Vice Chair of the Scrutiny Committee, who led the review, said there was more to do to complete the long road to equality.

He said: “There is still work to be done to promote equality and diversity within our workforce - that includes dismantling barriers faced by under-represented groups.”


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