NHS National lead for Equality and Diversity Steps down

Dr Paula Vasco-Knight has left her post as the National Lead for Equality and Diversity at NHS England. After discussions early last week, Dr Vasco-Knight stepped down from this national role.

Dr Vasco-Knight is the Chief Executive of the South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, which was involved in a tribunal in the same week which found that it had concealed a report in which accusations of “nepotism” were made against her. Dr Vasco-Knight was accused of appointing a senior role to her daughter’s boyfriend.  The tribunal found that the findings of the inquiry into the appointment had been suppressed by the Trust and that they had deliberately misled other parties. The Chairman of the Trust, Peter Hildrew resigned after his evidence at the tribunal was described as “incredible and plainly wrong.”

A spokesperson for NHS England denied that Dr Vasco-Knight’s departure from this national role was related to the findings of the tribunal, and claimed that she was stepping down due to an increase in her local work priorities.


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