New Film Campaigns to End Legal Gender Discriminatory Nationality Laws

‘My Children’s Future’ is a film which brings attention to the 27 countries which deny women the right to pass on nationality to their children.

The movie explores the lives of several women and their families who have been affected by gender discriminatory laws in Madagascar and Nepal.  As a result of the discrimination they face, they are unable to access basic rights such as statehood, education, healthcare and employment.

“Our plans, aims, goals, our jobs and our studies are restricted, and it is very sad...we are in a state of statelessness,” says 14 year old Neha from Nepal. Neha’s mother raised her alone and was not permitted to pass on nationality to her.    

As a result of not possessing the necessary documents, those affected by the situation cannot travel freely and run the risk of being arrested as an illegal. The children’s mothers often have a deep sense of anxiety and guilt that their child is so disadvantaged.

Non nationals usually have to take on menial jobs because they are unable to gain legitimate employment. Hospitals can charge extra for treatment because the children are seen as foreign.

Over the last ten years more than ten countries have reformed their laws. My Children’s Future also looks at two of these countries – Indonesia and Kenya - highlighting some of the benefits of reform.  

Changing the laws in countries like Madagascar and Nepal would immeasurably improve the lives of thousands of children who are not given much of a chance in life through no fault of their own.

Executive Director of the Equal Rights Trust, Dimitrina Petrova, said, “This film draws attention to not only the situation in Madagascar and Nepal but indeed to the other 25 countries with gender discriminatory nationality laws. They must address the fact that these laws are fuelling statelessness, trapping thousands in poverty, and doing little to promote equal rights for all.”

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Written By:

Daniel James


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