New changes in maternity leave rights come into effect

As of the 5th October new laws come into force for Women taking maternity leave and parents taking adoption leave.

Notably employees are now entitled to continue receiving contractual benefits (Other than pay) such as holiday entitlement, pension entitlement and company cars for the entire period. This was previously restricted to the first six months.

Employers will need to operate a two tier system for employees for the next year for employees who fall on both sides of the 5th of October.

Also under the new rules:-

  • There is no longer a qualifying period for maternity leave.
  • Employees also need to provide two months notice before returning to work.
  • A new rule welcomed by businesses in particular are 10 'Keeping in Touch' days, which allow a woman to go into work during her time off without losing her maternity pay.

To get accurate information on current maternity rules – please click the link below for the Department for Employment and Learning’s booklet, ‘Maternity Rights: A guide for employers and employees (ER 16)’


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Asif Yusuf



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