New Book Claims Equalities Industry is Undermining True Equality

A new book published by sociology professor Peter Saunders slams the “British Equalities Industry”, and concludes equality laws are fundamentally flawed. Publishers Civitas go so far as saying equalities legislation is perversely undermining the very principle of fair treatment.
The book entitled “The Rise of the Equalities Industry” argues current equality initiatives are nothing more than an unachievable statistical utopia, creating a financial strain on the public sector, while making it harder for businesses to create and retain jobs. Disparities in incomes and other outcomes are because of individual choice the book argues, but too often this used as evidence of discrimination.
The book argues that in essence, every statistical deviation from the population average in an organisation is taken as evidence of prejudice. But these choices are more to do with “choices and priorities of different genders and cultural backgrounds”.
The work of Equality and Diversity practitioners is seriously called into question with the book concluding ultimately, 'equality' is being redesigned from something in which everyone can expect to share, to a scarce resource that will only be available to groups that are selected to have their voices heard in policy circles. Different rules will apply to different people depending arbitrarily on their group characteristics and affiliations. Saunders warns that this zero-sum approach to egalitarianism will make Britain less free and less fair:
Publishers Civitas have been labelled a “rightwing think tank” and have had their objectivity and methodologies often called into question. There has been little response from the Equality and Diversity community to the books claims, but this may be due to the perceived credibility of Civitas – see link below.
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