More Ethnic Minority Leaders needed in Social Care

People from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds have complained that they have been unable to make it into senior roles in the industry.

As a result, Skills for Care has announced that it is accepting applications for its ‘Moving Up’ leadership programme which is designed to help people from BAME backgrounds to become leaders within management roles in order to help reflect the increasingly diverse demographics of the UK.

In a statement, Skills for Care said: “Currently, the leadership profile of the social care sector does not reflect the diversity of British culture.”

The Moving Up leadership programme will teach a range of tasks to equip future managers with the necessary tools to succeed in their future role.  People will gain an invaluable network, will help people find out their limits and also analyse and suggest leadership styles and methods to implement.

The programme boasts a very good success rate. From those who graduated the 2012 course, 60% had already been promoted by 2014.

The programme leads with a fresh approach based on a series of learning networks, one-to-one coaching and mentoring, aimed at supporting participants to develop their careers and leadership capacity.

Moving Up BAME was developed to increase the diversity of social care leaders. At the moment, only 2.5% of social care directors are from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, whilst people from these backgrounds represent 12% of the population.

Beatrice Kiragu, who was part of the last influx of learners, said that she felt she used to struggle to be taken seriously when she was trying to communicate, prior to the course.

“It frustrated me and made me feel like I wasn’t adequate.

“Now my staff are listening to me more and they’re respecting me, because I have learnt that I need to be sensitive when I deliver supervisions with my team or when I ask them to do something.”

For more information on the Moving Up Skills for Care's leadership programme visit: www.skillsforcare.org.uk/Leadership-management/Leadership-programmes/Leadership-programmes.aspx

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Daniel James


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