MIND: Still no progress, mixed sex wards and racial inequalities

Patient research released by the Healthcare Commission has revealed that a shocking 68 per cent of mental health inpatients are still being housed on mixed sex wards, showing no improvement on last year’s figures (1). Women were even less likely to be given single-sex accommodation than men, with 78 per cent being treated on a mixed-sex ward in comparison to 61 per cent of men.

The Count me in census (2), introduced as part of the Delivering Race Equality programme, also shows that people from Black and Minority Ethnic groups are three or more times more likely to be detained than average, and up to 65 per cent more likely to be secluded – locked in a room by themselves. Three years into the programme, there has been no sign of movement towards improving racial inequalities in mental health care.

Mind’s Chief Executive Paul Farmer said:

“Ending the plight of patients treated on mixed sex wards is just as urgent as ever, yet year after year, we seem to be no further on. The NHS is allowing some of our most vulnerable patients to be treated in some of its most hostile care environments, and people who are in most need of support are left living in fear. Patients need safety and security before we even start to look at recovery – it’s crucial that the Government commits itself to getting this right.

“The research is now showing fixed patterns of racial inequality with no signs of improvement, suggesting that racial discrimination is an entrenched problem. Three years into the Delivering Race Equality programme, it’s unacceptable that the government appears no closer to providing a fair and equal experience of mental health care to people of all races. Concerted action from Government and health care professionals is needed to stop people from BME communities getting the raw end of the deal.

“While there have been some advancements in mental health services more broadly, the problems of mixed sex wards and racial discrimination are persisting and show no signs of improvement. It’s vital the Government moves on these issues in order to deliver good mental health care.”


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