M15 Top UK LGBT Employer

The UK home spy network, known as MI5, was named as the most diverse and accepting of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in a nationwide equality index which measures the levels of those communities across the country. Lloyds bank and its affiliates were found to be second, with the National Assembly of Wales in a close third.

The list of one hundred employers is compiled by the charity ‘Stonewall’ and is based on employee’s answers about equality, diversity, culture and inclusion within the workplace.

Ruth Hunt, Stonewall's chief executive, said “We're thrilled to see such a commitment to lesbian, gay, bi and trans colleagues, but we also know that there is still lots to do."

Ms Hunt’s statement appears to be corroborated by the fact that only 27% of lesbian, gay and bisexual people felt empowered to the extent that they could enclose their sexuality comfortably within their workplace.

Under half of the transgendered people questioned thought that there was a noticeable effort by their workplace bosses to promote trans equality.

Ms Hunt asserted about the importance of acceptance in the workplace in order to not only make people comfortable, but also to boost the productivity of the business.

"We know that people perform better when they can be themselves, and it's been proven that diversity among staff leads to a more productive, positive and creative workplace environment," she said.

MI5 Director General Andrew Parker said diversity was vital for the body as it enabled a broad spectrum of recruitment, with a wider pool meaning wider talent to choose from.

"Diversity is vital for MI5, not just because it's right that we represent the communities we serve, but because we rely on the skills of the most talented people whoever they are, and wherever they may be," he said.

The survey revealed that those people within the lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender communities who revealed their predilections were much happier and had greater job satisfaction.

With over 60,000 participants from over 400 workplaces, the survey, which is the 12th of its kind in the UK, is the best way of gauging attitudes and efforts to help the LGBT community gain equality in the workplace.

The legal and housing sectors contributed the most to the top 10 places on the index, while regionally, Wales and the East Midlands had the most workplaces outside of London featured on the list.

Written By:

Daniel James


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