Liverpool Football Club leading the way in equality

Liverpool Football Club is the first club to be awarded with the highest accolade from the Premier League for their commitment to equality. The club has achieved the Premier League Equality Standard Advanced Level.

There are three levels of achievement for this award: Preliminary, Intermediate, and Advanced. The levels and the awards reflect the current equality legislation, and case law. It is designed to provide an outline and guide for any football clubs seeking to achieve equality.

Included in the highlights which were commended by the Premier League were the team's commitment to equality and diversity, the development of an inclusive policy and procedures, and the community initiatives they offer.

LFC's Chief Operating Officer, Andy Hughes, stated that receiving the Premier Leagues Equality Standard Advanced Level award was a great achievement. Not only that, but it was the result of plenty of hard work by the staff.

Hughes went on to say that the team and the staff were passionate about equality, and were all committed to promoting this. They were continually aiming to develop it across all areas of football, and in the club as well.

It is clear that the progress shows the ongoing commitment and strong values, by the fact that they have held the Intermediate Level of Standard since 2014. The club, says Hughes, has a very clear plan towards equality and diversity.

The club believes that no one should have to miss out on football - or in fact any sport - because of who they are. The club's belief is that regardless of ethnicity, gender, background, faith, beliefs, or sexual orientation, they should be able to freely participate in sports. The club has a Social Inclusion Programme named 'Equality 4 All' which offers free coaching around the city.

The goal of this programme is to give young people from different backgrounds a chance to integrate in communities in the city. The work is often carried out in the evenings, and offers coaching camps through the summer holidays. In this way, hundreds of youngsters are given the opportunity for coaching through most of the year.

Executive Director at the Premier League, William Bush, added that he was extremely pleased to award the Advanced level of the Premier League Equality Standard to Liverpool. They are the first team to achieve this level, and as such, deserve huge credit for the work that they have carried out so that they could meet the requirements.

In closing, Mr Bush said that the Premier League commended Liverpool Football Club on the way they had committed themselves to ongoing improvement towards equality in every field of the activity of the club. Not only was their commitment carried out of the playing field, but also in all other aspects of the club. Both players and staff were all united in striving for equality in the team.



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