Leonard Chesire call for better help for Disabled passengers

Into the Unknown, a new report from Leonard Cheshire Disability, looks at what it’s like to be disabled, leave the house and go somewhere by bus, train, taxi or underground.    

Leonard chesire believe that poor accessibility and negative attitudes still discourage many disabled people from using public transport for even the simplest journeys. Many disabled people find it difficult to get a job - it shouldn’t be just as hard to get to a place of work.

Leonard Chesire have asked all providers of public transport to consider doing three things to help remove the barriers

  • involve people with a range of disabilities and requirements in all changes to design, policies, practices and service provision;
  • ensure that all staff undergo robust disability equality training, led by disabled people, as part of their induction and ongoing development;
  • advise and inform disabled people of improvements to public transport services so that they’re more likely to use them.

Veronica Thomas, 61, said: “Public transport makes the difference between my isolation or integration into my local community and beyond. If I can’t get to the shops, not to mention work, how am I expected to be able to live independently?”

Lee Webster, Senior Campaigns Officer at Leonard Cheshire Disability said:

”Disabled people experience high levels of poverty in many areas of life, from their finances and social life, to opportunities for education or work. Disabled people should benefit from the journeys that most of us take for granted.  

“Transport providers are making improvements under the Disability Discrimination Act but they still need to go the extra mile to make a serious improvement.”

Asif Yusuf publisher of Diversity Link commented;

"This form of inequality needs to be addressed sooner rather than later., If public transport restricted access as impactfully to people based on Gender, Race, Religion or Sexual orientation we would not stand for it. There is no excuse for it, especially considering the sums of money that has been invested in Public / Private transport over the last decade."

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