Labour Vows to Confront Racial Inequality

Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party Leader, vowed before crowds attending a Black History Month event in Croydon that his party is committed to implementing new measures aimed at addressing issues affecting black and minority ethnic communities.

Miliband attended the event organised by Croydon BME Forum in conjunction with Operation Black Vote last October 30, 2014.

Speaking before the crowd packing Croydon Town Hall, the Labour leader said his party is prepared to put in effect innovative measures for the benefit of BMEs, including those aimed at addressing issues on health, housing and education.

Miliband told The Voice in a post-event interview that addressing racial inequality is an important part of his party’s platform. Among issues that he is promising Labour will tackle is the lack of diversity in the public sector.

Latest data from ONS (Office of National Statistics) revealed that BMEs only occupy 4.7% of top-level civil service positions.

Before his retirement as Chief Executive and Permanent Secretary of the Treasury Solicitor's Department (TSol) earlier this year, Sir Paul Jenkins told The Independent that he is of the opinion that the government has failed in its effort to bring diversity into the civil service because of the lack of BMEs being promoted to senior positions.

Vowing that he will stay true to his words, Miliband told The Voice: “When you look at racial injustice it covers every department and every walk of life. That is why I am committing today, in front of you as my witnesses, to saying in the first year of a Labour government elected in May 2015, we will implement across every single government department, a strategy for delivering racial equality.”


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