Kay Hampton Tasked with CRE Transition

Ruth Kelly, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has recently announced the appointment of Kay Hampton as chair of the Commission for Racial Equality and the appointment of four new commissioners.

Dr Hampton and the new commissioners’ - Reverend Aled Edwards, Yaseer Ahmed, Jane Codona and Uzoamaka Iwobi - appointments will run until 31 October 2007 , when the work of the CRE will be taken forward by the Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR).

Ruth Kelly said:

“The Government is committed to working closely with the Commission for Racial Equality in fostering good relations between people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds.  We are determined to continue our progress in building communities where people are able to fulfil their potential regardless of their race and where diversity is valued and celebrated.
“This is a particularly important time for the CRE as it works to ensure it leaves the strongest possible legacy and moves towards the launch of the new Commission for Equality and Human Rights - a body which will have enhanced powers to wield in the cause of race equality. Kay Hampton with the current group of commissioners will have a key role to play in the legacy and in the transition.” 

Kay Hampton said:

“I am delighted to be given the opportunity to take forward the outstanding  achievements of my predecessors over the last 30 years. Together with my  fellow commissioners, I intend to work closely with the CEHR to ensure a  seamless transition of both the substantive work of the CRE as well as the  vast knowledge and skills that we have accrued over the years. I feel  confident that the CEHR will continue our tradition of working towards  building a fair and just society where quality of life and success is not  determined by one’s skin colour, nationality or ethnic background.” (OCPA) have agreed to an exemption to their code of practice, which would normally require an open competition to appoint a new chair to the CRE

The CEHR will promote an inclusive agenda, underlining the importance of equality for all in society as well as working to combat discrimination affecting specific groups. It will promote equal opportunities for all and tackle barriers to social and economic participation. The Commission will cover the six strands of equality - age, disability, race, religion & belief, gender and sexual orientation, as well as human rights.

The Commission will advise employers and service providers on good practice and the promotion of equality, conduct inquiries and carry out investigations, provide advice and information on rights and equality laws.

They will also have a campaigning role on issues affecting the diverse groups in society that can suffer discrimination and make arrangements for conciliation to assist with disputes.


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