Is the Single Equality Bill being rushed through?

The Prime minister has published the Governments draft Queen’s speech in which the introduction of 18 bills are proposed, including the Single Equality bill. The proposed legislation is designed to unify the current family of discrimination laws.

Trevor Phillips, Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission commented

‘We welcome the Government’s commitment to moving the vital debate on equality and fair treatment into the 21st century.'

Leading age diversity campaigners The Employers Forum on Age are concerned that the legislation is in danger of being rushed through. In a press announcement by the body Rachel Krys, Director of The Employers Forum on Age commented

"It has been almost a year since the last green paper and while Harriet Harman, Minister for Women and Cabinet Minister for Equalities gave further insight into the proposals and indicated that there will be a further round of consultation, we fear that this will be too late for employers, lawyers and individuals to have a real opportunity to make a vital contribution to this debate."

Have the Labour government rushed the bills through in a flurry to regain public support? The Independent lead with the headline “Brown tries to lift the gloom with array of new Bills”. In the shadow of what has been a difficult week politically for the PM a vital by-election looms, failure will further damage Gordon Browns leadership credentials. The independent article clearly views the announcement as counter measure to any further negative publicity. Opposition leader David Cameron piled on the pressure by saying the list of Bills showed the Government had "run out steam"

Two years since the announcement of the introduction of a single Equality bill, it is overshadowed by weak government, and equality organisations questioning its timing. Diversity Link will be watching developments closely

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