How Fair Is Britain? EHRC Set To Unveil 700 Page Report

The Equality and Human Rights are set to publish a 700 page report on the state of equality in Great Britain. Thought to be the most comprehensive report on inequality ever published “How Fair is Britain?” charts inequality from birth right through to retirement.

The report reveals that disabled children are more likely to be bullied, pay disparity between men and women continues to be a problem and boys are underperforming academically. Social class is highlighted as a key characteristic that influences health, educational attainment, and prosperity that is passed down generations.
Talking about the report to the Guardian, EHRC Chairman Trevor Phillips comments:-

"Inequality and disadvantage don't come neatly packaged in parcels marked age, or disability, or gender, or race. They emerge often as a subset of a strand - not as a disability issue, but as a mental health issue; not as a generalized ethnic penalty, but as a result of being Pakistani; not a pay gap for working women, but a pay gap for working mothers,"
The report is officially launched on the 11th October 2010


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