Harriet Harman says Equality Bill will simplify current legislation

Speaking at the launch of “Talent not Tokenism” Minister for Women Harriet Harman said the new Equality Bill would “declutter” and simplify equality legislation. Acts such as the Disability Discrimination Act and Sex Discrimination Act as well as seven other pieces of equality legislation will be unified. The bill will combine statutes and government equality measures spanning over 40 years.

The measure is designed to help small to medium businesses in particular who may be struggling to keep up with different strands of equality law and best practice.

Mrs Harman commented-

“To work, equality legislation must be clear and understandable - both by those whom it is intended to protect, and by those, like businesses, who are expected to comply with it.

"It is hard for people to see the outline, the shape and purpose of our equality legislation. Let alone for individuals to see how it helps them, and for businesses to implement it with confidence.

"So it is time for a major decluttering exercise. And that is what we will do with our new Equality Bill."

Further details on the Equality Bill will be published in the summer. The Bill is expected to be introduced in to the next Parliamentary session, starting in November.


Posted by Asif Yusuf

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