Harman: real help now for women

Following her recent concerns for the equality of women during the downturn Harriet Harman, Minister for Women and Equality, has launched a new booklet 'Real help now for women at an event at No11 Downing Street.

This comes as new research shows that eight out of ten women are
concerned about the impact of the downturn on family life, and more than
a third of women reported that the downturn had already reduced the
quality of their family life.

The booklet outlines practical advice on everything from where to go for
support if they lose their job, help with looking after children,
information on skills and training, as well as advice on staying secure
and well.

Ms Harman said:

"The global economic downturn affects both men and women - but it affects them in different ways, because women still do the lion's share of caring for children and elderly relatives; most women are still the "managers of the family;" women have different patterns of work from men - are more likely to work part time; and because women still suffer pay
discrimination at work.

"What hasn't changed since the last recession is that women are still the
main family carers. But what has changed is that women's work is even
more important than it was 10 years ago: more important to the household budget; more important to women themselves; and more important to every sector of the economy.

"We want to reassure women that not only are we taking all the action
that we can to stabilise the economy and put it on a strong footing for
the future - but that there is real help now for families that get into

"And we want women's voices to be heard in the run up to the London
Summit through a big discussion about women and the global economic

The event at Downing Street was an interactive session with Ministers,
charities, unions, business women, and working mothers to engage women in the debate and help identify how women are being affected by the recession, and how best to build a strong and fair economy in the future.

The event and the new booklet are part of a range of activities to engage
women and look at how they are being affected differently to men during
the global economic downturn, and will help ensure women's voices are
heard in the run up to the London Summit of world leaders on 2 April

The Real Help Now for Women booklet is available from
http://www.realhelpnow.gov.uk, which is a new website bringing together details of all of the help available for families and businesses.


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