Half of Employees Would Rather Work from Home

The traditional office environment could soon become a thing of the past as a new survey reveals almost half of employees would rather work from home.

Escaping the rush hour traffic, saving on travel costs and flexible working hours were the most attractive aspects of homeworking, according to the survey by travel company Cruise118.

Of the 1,000 office workers questioned, 46 per cent said they would prefer to work from home full time. A further 80 per cent said they would like the option to work from home occasionally but would miss the camaraderie of working in an office environment too much to do it permanently.

Only one in five said they prefer being based in an office full time.

Currently only around 12 per cent* of people regularly work from home, many of whom are self-employed. But that figure is set to rise as increasing numbers of employers offer homeworking options to staff seeking more flexible working arrangements.

Mal Barritt, director of Cruise118 which offers both home and office working options to sales staff, said: "With rising petrol prices, expensive child care and a stressful commute to the office each day, it's no wonder that many people would rather work from home.

"The majority of business is done via email and telephone these days and therefore in most cases staff can work just as effectively from home.

"Working from home can greatly enhance people's work-life balance, the reduction in commuting alone could save several hours each day which can be spent with family or on leisure activities."

Cruise118, one of the UK's leading independent cruise retailers, has moved away from the traditional call centre approach to travel sales, launching a unique "cruise concierge" service. Highly trained sales staff, providing customers with an individually tailored service, are all offered flexible and/or home working options.

Mal added: "Introducing homeworking and flexible working hours has enabled us to recruit the most talented sales staff irrespective of geographical location or commitments outside work.

"Not only do we have many working mothers, we also have an opera singer and an actress who no longer have to miss rehearsals or auditions which take place during traditional working hours.

"I would be surprised if we didn't see many more business offering staff homeworking options, particularly in this difficult economic climate when homeworking can help save both the employer and employee money." .

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