Government publishes new guidance to help schools tackle homophobic bullying

Stonewall recently welcomed publication by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) of groundbreaking new guidance for teachers: ‘Preventing and Responding to Homophobic Bullying in Schools’.
The guidance, commissioned from Stonewall by the DCSF, provides school governors, heads, teachers and other staff with practical information - including lesson plans - about how to prevent and respond to homophobic bullying.
The School Report, Stonewall’s recently-published research into homophobic bullying in Britain’s secondary schools, demonstrated that almost two thirds of young gay people have experienced homophobic bullying. Ninety seven per cent of gay pupils regularly hear homophobic insults at school; three in ten of the 1100 young people surveyed said that it was adults in schools who carry out the bullying.

Ed Balls MP, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, said: “Homophobic insults should be viewed as seriously as racism. Even casual use of homophobic language in schools can create an atmosphere that isolates young people and can be the forerunner of more serious forms of bullying.”

Ben Summerskill, Stonewall Chief Executive, said: “Stonewall is proud to have been commissioned by the DCSF to produce this guidance. The life chances of children bullied at school are often permanently diminished. This tool represents an essential and much welcome step forward in the development of joined-up thinking that will help schools and teachers address all forms of bullying effectively.”

Harriet Harman MP, Secretary of State for Equality, said: “Homophobic bullying creates an ugly climate of intimidation and makes it harder for young people to come out. Teachers and schools can tackle homophobic bullying and this guidance will help them.”

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