Government launches “Post Your Pay Gap”

The Government Equalities Office (GEO) have announced the launch of “Post Your Pay Gap” resource, which will encourage publically listing the current gender pay gaps of public, private and voluntary sector organisations.

The GEO hope by encouraging organisations to list their pay gaps, transparency will further drive resolving the issue. Currently the list contains 25 government departments with pay gaps ranging from 0 – 28.5%.

to view the list click here

A number of best practise initiatives are also being implemented as part of the drive amongst government departments, they are as follows:-

  • Improving the information published by public sector employers on the pay gap between men and women.
  • Improving transparency in the private sector through public sector purchasing for example, by asking potential contractors what percentage of their staff are women or from ethnic minority communities.
  • Working with business to introduce a new “kite-mark” scheme for employers who are transparent about reporting their progress on equality.
  • Banning secrecy clauses which prevent people discussing their own pay.
  • Gathering and publishing evidence on the effectiveness of equal pay audits in closing the gender pay gap.
  • Working with the Equality and Human Rights Commission and businesses to improve equality practice.

The move follows a number of equality initiatives by the department in the last month including the launch of the Government Equality Panel, and the creation of the government Public Service Agreement on Equalities.

A formula and guidance on how to work out pay gaps have been made accessible on the GEO’s website for further information click here 


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