Government funds diversity training for TUC equality reps

The TUC has announced a diversity training programme for its network of equality reps. The new training programme, which takes place between September and December at venues across the UK, will train new and potential equality reps on how to handle key workplace issues, such as flexible working, equal pay, bullying, harassment and discrimination. The TUC is aiming to train up to 400 equality reps in the first three months of the project. The training programme has been funded by the Government Equalities Office.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said:

'Workforces dominated by white able-bodied males are increasingly becoming a relic of the past so diversity today is as much a business need as a social goal. But many employers could do with the help of more equality reps to help change workplace culture.

'From help with flexible working requests, to tackling discrimination and harassment, equality reps are playing a vital role in delivering equality where it matters most - on the shop floor.

'We want as many reps as possible to sign up for our equality rep training courses and together we will help to create a better workplace environment for all workers.'


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