Government announces plans to tackle social mobility


The government has pledged to follow most of the key recommendations from its investigation into social mobility by the Fair Access to Professions Panel. The report led by Alan Milburn MP sought to remove potential barriers of those from disadvantaged backgrounds into the major professions.
A range of reforms across the education system, government associations and professional networks to improve social mobility have received government backing :-
·         The launch of a web based National Internship Service – Bursary funding will be available for some 10’000 students from low income families.
·         A guarantee for an estimated 130’000 students showing the highest academic potential to benefit from structured assistance, This would include experience of higher education and mentoring.
·         Launch of a new Social Mobility Commission
·         Launch of an expanded Gateways to the Professions Collaborative Forum covering some 60 professions.
It appears the Labour government are making social mobility, equality and class central themes of their election campaign, the proposals above will no doubt feature as a talking point up to the election. If implemented these reforms will be the most wide-ranging since the end of the Second World War for tackling social mobility..
Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, said:
“My mission is to ensure that all of Britain’s people, from every background, are given the opportunity to develop their talents and learn the skills which will transform their lives. And this social mobility must be rooted in our core value of fairness.
Meanwhile the Conservatives set out their plans for education reform to tackle social mobility. They propose focusing on improving standards of teaching, and introducing incentives for high performing schools. Mr Cameron said the Tories would take a "brazenly elitist" approach, barring anyone with less than a 2:2 from teaching, and allowing Head Teachers to sack failing teachers.
The Panel on Fair Access to the Professions published its report on 21 July 2009. The full report is available at 
The Government’s Response to Unleashing Aspiration can be downloaded from

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