Government announces Equality Public Service Agreement

The government for the first time has published a Public Service agreement (PSA) on equalities, making it the first government to make large scale commitments on equality and diversity. There are in total 30 government PSA’s tackling different targets on issues such as climate change. PSA15 is the Equality PSA, it commits the government to equality priorities which they will aim to achieve by 2011. They are as follows:-

  • A reduction in the pay gap for women
  • Improved choice and control for disabled people
  • Greater participation in public life for disadvantaged groups
  • A reduction in workplace discrimination
  • A better understanding of and ability to measure fair treatment in the delivery of public services

The government is hoping that through working with key organisations like the Commission for Equality and Human Rights, and other equality campaigning groups it can deliver what will be a very challenging agenda.

The strategies for each priority are quite far reaching and the government has applied measuring tools to asses its progress each year. The Government Equalities Office will be tasked with ensuring the delivery of the commitments.

Diversity Link highly recommends that equality practitioners, trainers and campaigners read the document it in full, as it also outlines proposed changes needed in equality law, best practise research initiatives and public policy to deliver the agenda.

Please find a link to the document below

link to PSA document

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