Google admits workplace is still mostly male and white

Google may be diverse in terms of its business operations, but not in its workplace.

The tech giant is known primarily for its domination of the global Internet search market, but it also owns a wide range of technology products, such as file-sharing site Youtube, smartphone Nexus, and laptop Chromebook, and is even engaged in developing driver-less car technology.

Yet Google admitted on a June 2 blog post that it is still far from where it wants to be regarding workplace diversity.

Google currently has53,600employees, but it released data last month admitting that 70% of its workforce is made up of men. The disparity between men and women in Google is even more pronounced when it comes to senior-level posts as about 80% of Google’s top brass are men. Women only account for 22% of the tech giant’s leadership.

Hispanics and blacks are also under-represented in the company, comprising only 3% and 2% of the workforce, respectively. Whites, meanwhile, overwhelmingly make up Google’s employee population, accounting for 61%.  Asians come at a close second at 31%.

Google said in its blog post that it recognizes its need to promote diversity in the workplace and vowed to remain committed to initiatives towards diversification.

The company has continued investing in Anita Borg Scholarships to help women take degrees in computer science. Google also said that it will be continuing its efforts in partnering with historically black universities and colleges to find more African-American recruits.

Nancy Lee, Google’s vice-president of people operations and head of its diversity program, however, admitted that the company has a long way to go to achieve its goals.

Lee said: “Early indications show promise, but we know that with an organization our size, year-on-year growth and meaningful change is going to take time."


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