Give Employers Decision On Mandatory Retirement Age Now Urges EFA

In response to the DWP's press release on "Cliff Edge Retirement" the Employers Forum on Age (EFA) have called for the scrapping of the mandatory retirement age.

The press release was on the back of research by Ipsos MORI conducted on behalf of the DWP, showing a mixed bag of emotions for those waking up on day one of retirement. Under a third of respondents said they felt relaxed and under a quarter expressed feeling free. A surprising one in ten felt anxious, sad or lost.

Rachel Krys, Director at EFA said: "We are not surprised at the news from the DWP that a minority of people feel 'happy' on their first day of retirement. We know from our own research that people want more choice about how and when they retire and we are working with employers to increase this choice and extend flexibility for employees.

"Since October 2006 there has been a steady rise in the amount of employers who have openly committed to managing without the retirement age - most notably retailers, banks and government departments. The EFA is finding that many members are successful in turning it into a positive way of working, increasing flexibility and retaining valuable employees.

"The challenge that employers face in removing retirement age should not be underestimated. To do it successfully organisations need to review all employment policies, pension provision and performance management systems, plus engineer a cultural shift within the organisation.

"The EFA believes that rather than the review planned for 2011, the Government should tell employers now what they intend to do. This will give employers enough time to prepare and plan the necessary changes."

Leading Age and Employment campaigners TAEN (The Age and Employment Network) have also called for the scrapping of the Mandatory retirement age.

Posted by, Asif Yusuf



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