General Motors named among the best places to work

In the Human Rights Campaign 2018 Corporate Equality Index, General Motors, Canada earned a perfect 100% score, placing them in the category of best places to work in the UK. This is the 10th time that General Motors has earned the perfect score for Best Place to work for LGBTQ Equality.

Global Chief Diversity Officer, Ken Barrett says that General Motors is very honoured to receive the top score yet again by the HRC.

For the 19th time out of 11 years goes to confirm GM's commitment to the implementation of internal policies and practises so that there is an inclusive work environment for all their employees.

Barret went on to say that only with a fully empowered, and engaged workforce, could the technical innovation be utilised to best advantage. This would only succeed when the broad spectrum of backgrounds and ideas was accepted, and the full potential realised.

General Motors is proud to team up with the Human Rights Campaign Foundation in the important work of inclusion and equality in a way which is meaningful to the LGBTQ community.

There were four key criteria which counted towards the final score, namely employment benefits, equal opportunity policies, public commitment, and organisational LGBTQ competency.

In each category, there were further subsections for a company to score in. These are as follows:

  • prohibiting discrimination which is based on any sexual orientation, gender identity and expression
  • Non-discrimination standards which are based on gender and sexual orientation for both vendors and contractors
  • availability of partner or spouse medical benefits
  • availability of transgender health insurance coverage
  • organisational competency programs which are company-wide
  • availability of resource groups, or a Diversity Council
  • positive interaction with the LGBTQ community when outside the workplace

General Motors was one of many other companies to receive perfect scores. The 2018 Corporate Equality Index showed that a record number of companies – 609 in total – had earned perfect scores for LGBTQ equality.

Historically, the motor industry has been a male-dominated industry, although this has changed where it is now a great place for women to work. Chairman and CEO Mary Barra is a good example of this, on a board where 46% of the leaders are female. One in five executive positions are also held by women. There is a formal mentoring program in place to assist employees of African and Hispanic/Latino backgrounds.

In place are the benefits for executive mothers, which help them to look after families, and take advantage of childcare services.

GM offers flexible schedules and on-site access to gyms, with a minimum of 26 paid days off to give new parents a ‘time to breathe’.

Figures from GM show that over 22,000 women took part in career counselling last year, with a further 13,000 receiving mentoring. Where women have left for personal or family reasons, leadership programmes are readily available to help them, with a 12-week intern program for women in technical sectors, to provide the means for a way back into a career.

Because they were named as one of the best places to work, General Motors has also earned itself a position on the Human Rights Campaign’s 2018 Buyer's Guide.


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